Friday, 10 August 2012

Part 5: Creation of fear amongst Muslims and to multiply it is the biggest act of communalism

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Speech delivered in 2002

If social agitation of SC, ST, OBC strengthens in this country then its effect and influence of this transformation will definitely be on Muslims.  If the effect and influence of this transformation takes place on Muslims then SC, ST, OBC converted to Islam will also get polarized.  It polarization takes place in this way then Islam will not come in danger but Maulana will definitely do because as long as these converted people are under the control of Maulanas till then they will retain their importance and influence. That’s why Maulana people also carry on the work of carrying on fear amongst Muslims. Through the help of Congress via Urdu media that are in the hands of Upper caste Muslims carry on the campaign to create fear. This is because estates of Maulanas come under threat. Just the way Brahmins domination came under threat due to polarization of SC, ST, and OBC; in the same way mulnivasis converted to Islam gets polarized domination of Maulanas gets threatened. These two who are facing the end of their domination unite to help each other. Hate campaign of Brahmins when carried forward by Maulanas amongst Muslims fear gets legitimacy and fear amongst mulnivasi Muslims gets deep rooted.  When this fear becomes serious then it creates one more consequence; Muslims surrender themselves to Maulana and then Maulana strikes internal compromise. Muslim brothers are diverted towards creating fear. This leads to Muslims electing to those who call themselves against communalism and for Secularism.  One very unique point to note: those who call themselves anti-communalism and secular and create fear amongst Muslims and get elected are none other than Congress Brahmins, and Brahmins of BJP and RSS instead of creating fear amongst Muslims create fear of Muslims amongst OBC and then OBC unites. After looking at this, Muslim gets scared. Today this works is observed to be done by the Third Front people. Instead of carrying on the works promoting social and economic welfare of our Muslim brothers only the work of creating fear and solicit votes of the scared people, and in return only give assurance that we will protect your life and property. The communalism of BJP is clearly visible in front of us but communalism of those people who are opposing communalism by creating fear amongst us is very dangerous. In this process those who create fear benefit but Muslim do not benefit in any way. But they suffer such huge losses that in 1981 there were 41 Muslim MPs in Parliament- that way if one calculates with 12% there should have been around 65 – today when slogan of Muslim security is roaring there are only 17 Muslim MPs elected to the Parliament. This is an achievement of opposition to communalism, this is an achievement of those airing roaring slogan of secularism. It is clear that opposition of communalism of third front and the face of secularism is more dangerous than communalism of BJP and Congress. This is a matter of worry and deep deflection to us.

Because of converted minorities fear develops inside Maulana. Why this fear gets created? This is because Mandal Commission has granted reservation to converted Muslims.  When they got reservation then only their children will rise to be IPS, IAS, and IRS officers. In this way amongst converted mulnivasis they will march ahead, Maulana people will lag behind, that’s why fear gets created in them.  They come to support the anti social transformation agitation of the higher caste. Agitation of transformation faces biggest threat from Maulana, less threat from Brahmins because today people have got lots of information about Brahmins. Maulana people openly oppose Vande mataram, they oppose unifom civil code, they oppose in the context of Kashmir, and when India-Pakistan forum takes place RSS people campaign against them and they get reactions. Because of this reaction OBC people go into the RSS camp. It is a miracle of Maulanas that those (BJP) who had just two members elected to the Parliament in 1984 elections today they have 161 members. If Maulana becomes strong then BJP’s Brahmanism becomes strong. If BJP’s Brahmanism becomes strong then agitation for social transformation is threatened. Today’s situation has come such a level that those who are carrying on the agitation of Phule, Ambedkar they will have to continuously check the difference between enemy and friend. In this way, creators of fear amongst Muslims were some people yesterday, today there are some other people, and those people who are doing this today how do they do it for their political power and use it in opposition to transformation, and you must have this picture very clear in front of you. This point must be used to create public opinion by our activists this information is spread out in our society. And if we spread this information in society then we will develop capacity to counter those who are promoting our oppression, and we will have be prepared for this in near future. I express my hope that you remain prepared in this direction. Jai Bhim! Jai Bharat!

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