Tuesday 7 August 2012

Part 2: Creation of fear amongst Muslims and to multiply it is the biggest act of communalism

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Speech delivered in 2002

Mandal commission promoted polarization of SC, ST, and OBC. OBC used to agitate most against the reservations for SC and ST in force. When Mandal commission was enforced, OBCs too became eligible for reservation. When one front got formed for reservation another front was formed against reservation. The OBC people who till yesterday were opposing the reservations became supporters of reservation and front in support of reservation got formed. This created fear amongst Brahmins and believers of Brahmanism. I want to tell you that this fear first got created amongst Brahmins and in order to save them from this fear they began to aim at Muslims. But target of their aim is not Muslims but OBC. Amongst those people responsible for demolition of Babri Masjid Brahmins were Generals, no Brahmins were there as Soldiers. All the soldiers were from OBC. The people who got killed, the people who were caught, on record those who got killed and those who were caught, record too specifies that all of there were OBC. The two youth who were arrested before the demolition of Masjid one of them was Gadriya from Uttar Pradesh and second was Sawant (kunbi) from Konkan. In Maharashtra Kunbi is referred as Patel. In this was these Brahmins create army amongst OBC. SC, ST, OBC get polarized and this system comes into danger and due to this Brahmin comes under danger. Brahmin is sitting on the topmost position of the system. That’s why if the system breaks then Brahmin will suffer maximum damage. One who is so high will fall exactly that much lower. More lowly he will fall more beatings he will get. Brahmin is so high, so high that there is no one above him. When he will fall he will suffer most damage, that’s why he do not wish to fall and tries everything for this purpose. The reason for these efforts is that polarization that has frightened Brahmin; this Brahmin creates fear amongst OBC by putting Muslims in front of them. “Islam is expanding, Population of Muslims is increasing”. In this way fear is created amongst OBC. Then SC, ST, OBC who was about to participate in political polarizations ties a cloth on his head with name of Ram written on it and enters in their trap, gathers under the leadership of the same Brahmin against Muslims. By creating reaction and fear inside them, Brahmin transforms into decision and decision maker. Then it is natural that Brahmin now has no worries. Whenever Brahmin is not in position of decision and decision making he will always be in danger.  Today Brahmin is in maximum danger, Muslim is not in danger.

Today at number one if anyone is in danger then he is Brahmin and I want to give you biggest example of this that the compromise that Narasimha Rao entered with Kanshiram is an example of this fear. I don’t know as to what you’ll understand but this is Psychology.  This is today’s Psychology and not of yesterday because pace of transformation has intensified, it is moving ahead with intensity. According to today’s situation we observe that BJP is viewing us as per our backwardness. According to backwardness BJP people create hate campaign against Muslims amongst OBC. And while campaigning unites under their leadership and they become leaders. Then naturally when they become leaders they are devoid of all the worries as right to decision making is in their hands. When they get right to make decision in their hands then they take correct decisions as per their self-interest. I want to give you one example about how serious are the consequences of a decision making.  You may perhaps find it humorous. Once there was a conference of fowls. This conference was organized by the butchers of fowls. The organizers of the conference called leaders of the fowls and told them that “you’ll have to pass one resolution in the conference. You’ll have to pass the resolution as to which spices must be used while frying them.  You have to decide on this.” The leader of the fowls was very clever; he said “netaji, it cannot happen this way that we are not cut at all?” Netaji said “this decision is already taken you only have to take a decision as to in which variety of spices you will have to be fried in. Till the time decisions and their decision makers will be Brahmins this will continue. That’s why under every situation, under every circumstance Brahmin has to be a leader and Brahmin has to be in a position of decision making. Only then he remains without worry.

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