Thursday 16 August 2012

Part 6: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Killers are fearless under Congress

Program of creation of fear and proliferation of fear that is ongoing in the Country via Congress, is Muslims vote for Congress out of fear then be sure that Muslim has Constitutional weapon for their own security. This Constitutional weapon is their vote. If they use this right out of fear then they are not using this weapon for their social, economic, political, economic development. On the contrary out of fear you will surrender your strength to enemy. Our enemy knows that you vote out of fear and that’s why even in the times to come to will work towards creating fear in your hearts. Instead of your development in social, economic, political, educational sectors, you will lose your self-confidence. They will feel that these people vote for us out of fear. That’s why again and again they will create fear in your minds. Without carrying out the development of Muslims Congress succeeds in getting Muslim votes, and the party that implemented this strategy – the congress party – during its rule 1200 religious riots took place. In these riots Muslims were slaughtered. Lakhs of Muslims were killed. Do Muslims have any evidence that Congress filed any of court cases against anyone involved in slaughtering of Muslims? And even if by mistake if there is any evidence then how many killers were jailed? After the riot even those people Congress accuses has no cases against them, this is a history of Congress. Only during the time of election campaigning Congress launches accusations and counter-accusations against the killers. Congress wants to keep Muslims forever with itself.  Because of the accusations it becomes possible for Congress to use Muslims against the killers.  If congress wants to look after the welfare of Muslims then those who cause riots, those who slaughtered Muslims, those who burnt their houses, why were they not jailed? Why Congress did not file a single case in the Court of law against those responsible for riots? The most important reason for this is that if Congress files case against those responsible for riots then the rioters will have to be jailed and if they are jailed then from where men will come to carry on riots against Muslims? If men are not available then next time there will be no riots. If next time there is no riots, then how will Congress succeed in creating fear amongst Muslims? If fear is not created amongst Muslims then how will they come on their own and blindly vote for Congress? All this is happening in planned manner. All this is happening because in ruling-administration they have all their people. In Legislature, Beurocracy, Judiciary, Press, all these places they have their people. They have control over all the four pillars of democracy. They have captured all the four pillars. Because they have control over all the four pillars in order to carry on falsehood Judiciary along with all other pillars support them. Because they have control over ruling mechanisms it is in the hands of ruling castes to prove falsehood as truth. All this happened after Brahmins established their rule in this country on 15th August 1947. The reality is this was not the case during British rule and even far before it. When Muslim kings ruled this country that time there was no riots. If that time there was no riots then why do they take place now? This is a problem. We have to know and understand the reason behind this in very clearly.

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