Thursday 2 August 2012

Part 8: Ruling Castes' betrayal of Adivasis

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Conspiracy to displace in the name of development

Adivasis are told that International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization is their biggest enemies and if you want to agitate then agitate against them. The real enemies of adivasis are people of the ruling caste of this country itself but in order to save themselves they point enemy as someone else.

The real enemy hides himself and tells us that your enemy is sitting in New York and Washington. If you want to fight, then fight against them. The question before us is that if we go to America to fight then where do we go, how do we go? Ruling castes change the direction of our fight. The betrayers are people from India’s ruling castes themselves because without the wishes of brahmanical ruling caste peoples no foreign person can penetrate into this country.

Without taking permission from the government no person from another country an enter India. Without taking the permission from the constitutionally constituted government nothing can is possible, even if it is World Bank or any other multinational company. All these have into India no on their wish but because of the wishes of brahmanical ruling castes ruling from Delhi; they are entering India based on the decision passed in the Cabinet meetings. It would be appropriate to say that brahmanical people personally welcome them with open arms. The people who have invited foreign companies tell others as culprits.

If today anyone dying due to hunger in India then he is adivasis. Newspapers daily carry the news reports of adivasis dying due to hunger. Today adivasis are biggest victims of hunger-deaths, poverty, misery and desperation. All these problems came about because of Congress but the dissatisfaction that came about due to these problems, this dissatisfaction is being diverted in some other direction. Some people are carrying on the program of making adivasis Hindus and they are telling adivasis that muslims are responsible for their problems.

By inciting people against muslims our people are being killed in our own hands. It is not just economic, educational or political betrayal that is ongoing against our people but various types of betrayals are being committed against our people. Today our enemy is propagates something and does something else all together. Instead of telling what he did he is telling people what he did not do. We are told about poverty alleviation but we are not told about the destruction of poor accomplished through poverty alleviation program. When drought came about in Ethiopia it was told on Television but 20 crore 85 lakh people in India who are driven to the brink of hunger-deaths: not a single line about this was printed, that’s why world does not know about this. Adivasis had control over forest, that control is dismantled. They do not have any source of income. Villages after villages of adivasis have been destroyed, and are being destroyed. They are not getting anything to eat that’s why they are very sad, and in desperation are migrating from their villages.

Few days back some Adivasis ate grass in Rajasthan. This news was first told in TV and then it was banned to be told. Local newspaper in Bihar published the news of hunger deaths then government warned the owner of that newspaper that if you publish false news like this then legal action will be initiated. Why actions will be taken? This is so by publishing false news like this law and situation degrades.

One who is established want to carry on his development forever and in order to carry on the development it is utmost necessity that law and order situation must be normal. When there is restlessness then they are not able get opportunity to carry on their development. If people read the news of hunger-deaths then public dissatisfaction will increase, this dissatisfaction will create the situation of law and order problem. Not only can this but it also create trigger a revolt. Development is of ruling castes but the work of displacing us is going on. They build dam in which Adivasis get displaced. They set up industry but carry on the task of displacing Adivasis.

In Bihar industry is highly developed in Jharkhand region. Jharkhand is separated from Bihar and Bihar gone bankrupt. This is because over there central government has made it centre of industrial development. Governments’ biggest public enterprises are located in Jharkhand. Biggest stock of raw materials and minerals are found over there. Due to industrial development Brahmins, Rajputs, Bhumihars, Vyashya migrated there and today political power over there is captured by Brahmins, Rajputs and Bhumihars. Chief Minister is tribal but administration is in the hands of Brahmins, Rajput and Bhumihar. Now it is not in the hands of adivasis to decide as to who is going to be the Chief Minister of Jharkhand.

That’s why only for show tribal person is made Chief Minister but he has no powers to take decision. If any tribal Chief Minister takes decision in favor of adivasis then immediately he is changed. You cannot take any rights by being adivasi; you will have to take any decision only after transforming into Hindu. Today problem of Jharkhand is a problem of displacement in the name of development. Development is of the ruling castes and displacement is of our people. The conspiracy to drive our people to the brink of hunger-deaths is just not a conspiracy but is a matter of genocide.

If this matter is raised in United Nations, it other countries of the world comes to know about this there could be blockades against India in important matters. But the world is not informed about this. Forget about the world even people of India are not aware of it: the matter of reaction and reacting is far ahead. Such a dangerous situation is visible.

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