Saturday 18 August 2012

Part 8: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Awakening of Hindus through reaction

When Shiv Sena’s first state conference took place in Poona city of Maharashtra then Brahmin named Deshpande who was guiding the proceedings gave one liner explanation to its workers: Hindu awakening takes place through reaction.  He told this half sentence but where the reaction to be given, he did not declare it publicly. Because he would have explained his activists separately that Hindu awakening takes place in reaction and this reaction must be carried on amongst Muslims. This is so because it is not possible to tell this publicly. If people are to be made Hindus then create reaction amongst Muslims, while counter reacting people will become Hindus. Otherwise no one is Hindu today in India. Brahmin is also not a Hindu. No is Hindu amongst Rajput, Maratha, Chamar, Mahar, OBC. On the contrary these people get transformed into Hindu as a reaction. Riot is the biggest weapon of creating reaction. In India no one is Hindu. If you go to grocery shop and ask for two quintals of groceries then shopkeeper will say definitely this is a grocery shop but there is nothing called grocery is available for sale. Exactly the same manner there is shop in the name of Hindu. In this shop there is brahmin, there is Rajput, there is bania, there is Maratha, Teli, Tamboli, Kurmi, Mali, Mahar, Lohar, Koli, Koshti, Banjara, N.T, D.N.T people available but there is none called Hindu is available. There is technique of making people Hindus. In order to generate reaction trigger riots. More riots there are, more people will be transformed into Hindus. As many Muslims will be killed that many Hindus will get created. As many Muslims will be slaughtered that much total of Hindus will increase. This is the reason as to why riots is very big program of making people Hindus. As soon as minority Brahmins make Bhahujans Hindus, and as soon as they become Hindus they become religious. And as soon as they become religious Brahmins hoist himself as their leader. For the past thousands of years Brahmin is the leader of the religion. When Brahmin becomes leader then immediately he contests in elections. Brahmin population that is just 3% transforms into majority. Brahmin gets votes in the name of Hindu. 3% Brahmins come out victorious in the elections. After this they become Members of Parliament. This happens everywhere. In this way first Brahmin becomes Member of Parliament and after getting the majority support of other Members of Parliament he takes over as Prime Minister. If Brahmin want to become King then it is necessary to slaughter Muslims. We have to understand these things clearly. Riots never take place with the intention of generating riot. There is always politics behind the riots. In India riots take place in order to transform minority Brahmins into majority and impose their domination over Mulnivasi bhahujans. If you understand this intention of then you will be able to expose this conspiracy and in opposition to this you will be able to connect people amongst themselves by carrying on awakening amongst them. These things are no bookish. All this is happening in the country. BJP was losing elections in Gujarat and then riots were organized there. Elections took place after the riots and in these elections BJP won by majority. In India there are 150 Lok Sabha constituencies in which Muslim population is more. And wherever Muslim population is more, most of BJP MPs get elected. Where Muslim population is 25% - 30% from here itself BJP’s most of MPs are elected. Why? This is so because in these places reactions amongst Muslims get generated very quickly. With the generation of reactions Hindu is awakened; this thesis of Brahmin named Deshpande comes 100% true at last. As a result of reaction Brahmins get votes of backward classes, SC, ST not in the name of OBC but in the name of Hindu.

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