Friday 24 August 2012

Vanxim blows for Bamons and Corporates

Bhago!.... Bhago!.... Bhag ja!... (Run! Run! Run away!) was the scream of the panic stricken three corporate officials on the mid-night of August 20, 2012 in Vanxim. Three corporate officials were caught moving about in dark in Vanxim, Divar, Goa at 11.45 pm when the angry yet vigilant villagers started to chase towards them with powerful torches in hand. The well dressed male officials wearing strong heavy shoes screamed and ran for cover. They ran some distance till they reached for their car parked on the narrow road to zoom out towards ferry and crossed Mandovi river into Divar Island.

This explains the affairs that have unfolded with regard to the Vanxim project. With the increasing pressure from mulnivasi people of Vanxim the corporate interest promoted by Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar are pushed to defensive. It may be recalled that Bamon Gaunekar has filed number cases against the villagers in deputy collectors court in a bid to recover legal titles over the Vanxim Island sold to him by Archbishop of Goa Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao. This has dragged entire islanders into the deputy collectors’ court in Panjim. The process of litigation is ongoing. This has been sham and shame for Archbishop too.

In the meanwhile it has come to be known that central government sanctioned Rs 40 lakhs for the purpose of constructing retaining wall around survey number 6 and 8 that are water bodies and purchased by Mahendra Gaunekar for the purpose of handing it over to Ozone group of companies for the purpose of constructing Hotel, Golf Course, Helipad, Casinos etc. Villagers have been opposing the project tooth and nail and the project has run into rough waters. To add to the misery of the corporate and Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar Sao Mathias Panchayat refused permission for the construction of the retaining wall. The Panchayat members hotly debated this issue for four hours on 12 August 2012 during its monthly meeting and retaining wall was denied permission for construction in Vanxim.

It is worthwhile to note that no one from Vanxim including the local Panchayat has sent any letter asking for the retaining wall construction. Central government acted in the interest of the corporate and Bamon Gaunekar sanctioning of the funds for retaining wall. This happened because Bamons has absolute control over Central government as well as State government. It makes no difference as to which party is ruling and which party is in opposition as bamons have captured all the leading parties in India. Congress Party is a biggest front of Bamons in India. This is a reason as to why without taking mulnivasi people into confidence, without the people having any knowledge about it retaining wall it has been sanctioned by the central government in Delhi.

Vanxim has proved to be the nightmare for the corporate and the Bamons, and that’s reason they choose to visit Vanxim at an unearthly hour only to be repulsed by dark mid-night power generated from hard work for liberation of mulnivasi people from the bamani onslaught.

At a Gram Sabha meeting of Sao Mathias Panchayat on 22 July 2012 resolution was passed to protect eco-sensitive areas of Vanxim including Mangroves, Paddy fields, sluice gates, Khazan lands and Mudflat. This resolution has been another blow for the Bamon Gaunekar as well as corporate involved. On 24 July 2012 Bamon Bruno Ferrao, employed for this project rushed to the Sao Panchayat for collecting Gram Sabha minutes. It shows the level of fright that Bamon Gaunekar has from the mulnivasis of Vanxim.

Last Panchayat elections were disaster for Bamon Gaunekar too. His candidate lost in Vanxim and Greeta Vaz won the Panchayat elections following a declared intention in her election manifesto to protect water bodies at survey number 8. Real representative of the Vanxim people got elected as against Chamcha manufactured through Poona Pact.

Bharat Mukti Morcha will continue to support struggle of people of Vanxim and their front Ilha de Vanxim Association as a part of freedom struggle of Mulnivasi people of India.

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