Thursday 30 August 2012

Part 1: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha


We people, we mulnivasis have been divided into pieces of jatis by Bamani people. The people who divided us into pieces of jatis; there must certainly an objective of one who did this. This is so because one who plans has his intentions. One who has intention naturally has his objective. What are the objectives of the one who divided us into the pieces of jatis? This is so because with division people get divided within, we are not self divided people we are people divided and separated from without by an external agency.

There is a difference being internally divided and externally divided. Divided people means we self-divided, externally divided people means that is a plan, it is a conspiracy through which our enemy has divided us. One who has divided us has a purpose. Why he wants to divide? They want to divide us because by dividing strength gets divided and dissipated. One who strength is divided they are not capable to launch counter attack.

One who is not capable to counter attack they know that we are slaves. They know that we have been enslaved.  In spite of this they are not able to counter attack. Why are they not able to do so? They know that our strength is limited. This is because mentality of jatis created the awareness of limited strength and with this realization of limited strength transformed slavery into long term slavery. It ended feelings of counter attack. And because the feelings to counter attack ended slavery transformed itself into long term and permanent phenomena.

This is very frightening situation. Mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj people have not realized this situation. That’s why we have to carry on the task of bringing about the realization of breaking up and dividing. We have to bring about the realization that we are not capable of counter attack. We also have to bring about the realization that we are not capable of counter attack against slavery. This is so because if this realization comes about in the person of one jati then he will think as to how to bring this realization in the person of another jati and he will connect with him. Realization of break up will create a feeling of connecting.

Realization of break up will create inspiration to connect, will create wish to connect. Wish is important to fulfill the objective of our agitation. The mindset of this unavoidable necessity has to be created. Nothing in the world gets created on its own. Effect has its own cause. If you become cause then it will generate its effect.

The cause if not formed then it will not generate any effect. Transformation is a conscious process. Transformation is planned process. This plan will have to be formed with intention, with objective, and only then transformation will take place. The transformation that you desire; you have to be its reason. Without reason no transformation will take place in the world. Through BAMCEF these sorts of subjects are discussed, there is definite purpose behind these discussions. To hold discussion is not the purpose of BAMCEF.

We want to arm our people. Our enemies have set the mindset of our Bhahujans, against this mindset we want to give our people our logic and our thoughts. These weapons, this logic, these thoughts will make our people psychologically strong. Till our mind does not become strong, our mindset will not be strengthened, till then we cannot prepare our people for psychological transformation and mental transformation. It is necessary to create this realization amongst people. To create this realization is a basic objective of this book.

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