Sunday 5 August 2012

Police complaint filed against mining companies in South Goa

1. Mr. Rama Ladu velip,
r/o. Kadarsai Colomba,
2. Mr. Motes Antao,
r/o. Chudeamol, Colomba,
3. Mr. Telu Dias,
r/o. Pedamol, Colomba,
Date: 03/07/2012.
The Police Inspector,
Quepem Police Station,
Sub: Complaint under section 277 of IPC.
            We the undersigned villagers of Colomba hereby lodge our complaint against 1. Curpem Iron ore T.c. No.3/51 belong V.S. Dempo and presently operation by Vendanta 2. Oikrio Dirodgal Curdi iron mine of Noor M.A. Karim under T.C. No.43/53 presently operated  by Rajesh Timblo 3. Polo Dongor Iron ore Mine of late Amalia R.G. Figueredo situated at Curpem under No.65/51 presently operated  Imrain Khan 4. Polo Dongor iron ore mine of Xec Abdul Gofur under T.C. No.53/51 presenlty operated by legal heirs of Xec Abdul Gofur 5. Osni Dongor Iron ore Mine  belongs to S. Khantilal and Cia Ltd. Under T.C. No.60/52 presently operated by Salgaokar brothers 6. Gulcon Dogor Iron ore mine belongs Mr. Hiralal Khodidas under T.C. No.06/46 and presently operated by Fomento Resources 7. Sem Denominacao Expecial mine under T.C. No.40/54 belongs to V.S. Dempo and presently operated by Vedanta which is as under:
1.                  That the water from the Selaulim irrigation projection is being supplied provided for  most part of the south Goa for drinking purpose. That all the above mines which are in catchment areas of Salaulim irrigation are in operation since last couple of years. That as the above named mine  are in operation of  the Catchment areas of  Selaulim irrigation project,  when it rains  the muddy water from these mine or from the rejection dump of these mine directly flow into the Salaulim Irrigation projection thereby polluting the Salaulim water which is being supplied as drinking water for most part of south Goa. That some of these mines are even pumping the muddy water from the mine and directly releases into the Salualim dam. That due to flow/release  of the muddy water from these mine or from the rejection dump of these mine into the Salaulim dam it increases the manganese content into the Selaulim water which intern affect the health of all the people from south Goa   who are consuming/drinking/using  the same. The news paper report are hereto annexed.
2.                  We further brings to your kind notice that these mining companies are intentionally by their act of omission and commission are polluting the water of Salaulim Irrigation project so as to affect the health of the people of south Goa.
3.                   We are hereby filing these complaint against the above mine under section 277 fro fouling/polluting water of Salualim resource and for endangering public health.
4.                  We hereby kindly request you to immediately book the owner of these mine and action be initiated against them as per the Criminal laws in force.
                                                                              Yours Truly
1.      Rama Ladu Velip
2.      Motes Antao
3.  Telu Dias
Copy to :
1. The Home Minister of Goa.
2. The D.G.P.
3. The S.P. South Goa.
New paper cuttings.

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