Sunday 19 August 2012

Part 9: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Enemy benefits from the use the word ‘Hindustan’

When any Muslim intellectual person speaks and in his speech he is not able to use the word ‘Bharat’, he always uses the word ‘Hindustan’. In the first line of the Constitution of India it is written that ‘India, that is Bharat’. Why Dr. Ambedkar did write this way? He wrote this way because Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had a hunch that if I do not write ‘India that is Bharat’ then in future some Brahmin or the other will translate this and in his translation he will he will translate the meaning of ‘India’ into ‘Bharat’. In order to prevent Brahmins from translating ‘India’ into ‘Hindustan’ Dr. Ambedkar wrote in the Constitution itself ‘India that is Bharat’. For the past so many years’ people of Rashtiya Swayam Sevak Sang are trying to change Bharat into Hindustan but they have not met with any success. Yet Muslims instead of referring the country as Bharat are using the word ‘Hindustan’ and are carrying on 50% task of RSS. I never accept that Muslims people are opposed to Sangh Parivar. I am not convinced that they are against RSS. They will have to practically prove that they are against RSS so that we are convinced. These things before Muslims are worth thinking, worth reflecting, worth pondering. Muslims must think on these. More they will think more will they benefit. Without starting the process of reflection the vehicle of development will not proceed ahead. It is like any vehicle that is not starting it has to be pushed, Muslim’s mind-psychology is also like this vehicle and it is necessary to push it. That’s why if Muslims are to be prepared for thinking then it means that for the purpose of their own self-reflection they will have to be given some points worth thinking, then process of thinking and reflection will begin. This will have to be done. If Muslims start thinking then nobody will be able to prevent their welfare, no one will be able to destroy them. Muslims will be self-dependent. They will be able to take their own decisions. Then no one will be able to destroy them. If this thought is wrong from the perspective of Muslims then no other thought will be able to promote welfare of Muslims.

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