Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Part 3: Creation of fear amongst Muslims and to multiply it is the biggest act of communalism

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Speech delivered in 2002

We have to know the second aspect of fear. This was BJP and Brahmanical politics openly create fear in the same way congress people also formulates its methods. What do Congress people do? Congress people in order to create fear amongst Muslims trigger riots. When India-Pakistan partition took place some people went to Pakistan and some people stayed here. Those who stayed here were full of fear. Nehru understood their Psychology.  Nehru was a Socialist and Socialist man is very dangerous. This is an experience of our 50 years of experience. Socialist man is dangerous because he speaks about the poor and more than anyone else fools poor the most. Nehru stayed socialist, Lohia remained tallest of Socialists, Jai Prakash Narayan remained socialist. Nehru assured protection to the Muslims in fear after the Partition of India and said ‘don’t worry, nothing will happen, we will protect you.’ He gave an assurance of security.  When India-Pakistan partition took place, that time government administration was in danger. After stabilization fear from the minds of Muslims gradually kept declining. When the feelings of fear started declining amongst Muslims created problem in front of Congress that if the sense of fear vanishes amongst Muslims then how will they vote for Congress? That’s why in the decade of 1960s large scale riots took place. Highest number of riots took place in Uttar Pradesh. Congress government was in power in Uttar Pradesh. Congress government was in power and riots kept on occurring and Aligarh is such a place where riots continued non-stop for six months. One special point to note; when ever riots used to take place, used to be organized congress used to take one precaution: it used to throw allegations of riots on BJP. This politics was understood and its effect and influence weighed on Muslims. Congress people used to make use of media because BJP people used to play this role openly against Muslims. That’s why congress propaganda was effective and people used to believe that it is true. Congress used to be the maximum beneficiary of these riots that’s why congress people must be amongst those behind the riots against Muslims. In a similar manner BJP is carrying on the work amongst OBC people, the work of creating fear about Muslims. Congress has permanently sword hanging on the heads of Muslims so that Congress will keep getting all the votes of Muslims. Congress created this system continuously in our context but now reality has completely changed. Muslim has totally lost trust in congress, trust is totally shattered. Why did this trust breached? There is also serious reason for the kind of role congress people play. What was the way in which congress played its role? They used to accuse BJP of Communalism. After BJP started facing this accusation BJP took up a new weapon in its arsenal and it is very important to analyze it here. BJP started accusing Congress of appeasement of Muslims. Observe that both are helping each other. When BJP accuse Congress of appeasement of Muslims then naturally it was strategy of BJP to reduce Congress popularity amongst Hindus. As the effect of Congress’ Muslim appeasement started taking place amongst OBC, gradually they pulled out from Congress and went into BJP influence. As soon as this realization came about amongst people in Congress, Congress stopped openly supporting Muslims to such an extent that Narasimha Rao did not stop BJP, Shiv Sena and RSS from proceeding to demolish Babri Masjid; the main reason for this is to answer and establish that the accusation of Muslim appeasement on Congress is wrong. In order to provide this answer Congress allowed Babri Masjid to demolish.

If Congress was to protect Babri Masjid from demolition then it would have been concluded that Congress in indulging in appeasement of Muslims, and if Congress did let Babri Masjid to be saved then BJP strategy failed. Because of this congress got lowest votes of 29%. Before Independence Barrister Jinha used to level accusation on Congress that Congress is an organization of Hindus. That time Gandhi used to reject this accusation and used to say “No, no, Congress is an Organization of Indians”. Narasimha Rao proved that Congress is an organization of Hindus.

Narasimha proved: BJP people used to level charges of Muslim appeasement against Congress, in order to reply to this and in order to take Hindu vote back into Congress Narasimha Rao to openly take the communal role. The kind of role that Narasimha Rao played in reality was started by Indira Gandhi. Under the planning of operation Blue star when the slogan of ‘Khalisthan versus Hindusthan was declared 413 members of Parliament stood up under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi had no contribution at all. He was a pilot who gave up his job and person who gave up his job succeeded. What is the reason? Its basic reason is the slogan “Khalisthan versus Hindusthan”.  Indira Gandhi had formulated entire strategy of this slogan. When Indira Gandhi died all the information of this was with Arun Nehru, and Arun Nehru was heading election campaign of Rajiv Gandhi. The impact of this campaign ‘khalisthan versus Hindusthan was reducing but Congress people continued to play anti-muslim role. This was creating frightful consequences. That’s why deliberately Indira Gandhi started Sikh versus Hindu fight so that religious polarization can be created. Sikh verses Hindu fight was also a conspiracy to stop consciousness amongst SC, ST, OBC.  The fear that got created amongst Brahmins was that of social consciousness amongst SC, ST, and OBC. In order to counter this conciseness Brahmins formulated the strategy of religious polarization with the strategy of Khalistan versus Hindusthan, this is biggest communalism that strengthens Brahmanism. Brahmins who call themselves call themselves subscribers of Socialism and Equality term BJP Brahminism as communal. This is so because one brahmin calls another Brahmin socialist then both get rescued. When one Brahmin accuses another brahmin of Brahmanism then they are not rescued because the statement bounces back on the one who makes this allegation.

 One who is communal is masked Brahminist that appears before us. After understanding communal role of Congress Muslims broke off from Congress and went to the Third Front. What do third front is doing? Is it also carrying on the task of creating fear amongst Muslims? Or is it carrying on any of the task of development of Muslims? In Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh writes in his manifesto that properties of Muslims will be protected. Why BJP did increased its based in Uttar Pradesh and in whose era did it increased? Before Mulayam Singh became Chief Minister BJP got just 7% votes. When Mulayam Singh became Chief Minister then BJP got 36% votes. BJP increased its vote base from 7% to 36% during the era of Mulayam. Why did this happen? In order to create fear amongst Muslims it was important that BJP is promoted.

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