Tuesday 21 August 2012

Part 11: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Mulnivasi versus mulnivasi

Who are the participants in the riots that take place in our country? Before understanding this it must be kept in mind as to how many Muslims had come to India with Babar, Humayum? From historical evidence it has been established that along with them only 1200 Muslims came to India. In today’s India if there are 12 crore Muslims then 12 crore minus 12 lakh equals to 11 crore 88 lakh Muslim, from where did they come from? History tells us that SC, ST, OBC people converted and became Muslims. OBC people according to Varna system are Shudra. According to Brahmin dharma one who is Shudra is slave. They are inferior. That means they are victims of Brahmin dharma. These victimized people, oppressed people according to the times converted to Islam. 11 crore 88 lakh people from SC, ST, OBC converted to Islam. Meaning from the perspective of Brahmins those converted are SC/ST/OBC people. If these people are inferior from the view of Brahmins then this discriminatory behavior is natural. This is so because they have not forgotten history. Perhaps Muslims might have forgotten their history but Brahmins have not forgotten their history. Dr. Ambekar says those people who forget their history they are not able create their future. It is proved from Science, it is proved from evidence, it is proved from race, it is proved from linguistics, and it is proved from DNA research that SC/ST/OBC people who converted to Islam and became Muslims are Mulnivasis of this country. If you go to Kerala, then why do Muslims there speak Malayalam? They speak Malayalam because those people who converted to Islam changed their religion, not their language. Mother thought her child her mother tongue. Mother that knew her language she taught only that language to her child; that’s why Muslims speak Malayalam in Kerala. Muslims in Andhra speak Telugu. Tamilnadu Muslims speak Tamil. Karnataka Muslims speak Kannada language. In Bihar’s Bhojpur region people do not speak Urdu but Bhojpuri. Muslims from Gujarat in their homes does not speak Urdu but speak Gujarati. Sangli (Maharashtra) Muslims forget about Urdu they do not even know proper Hindi. If you go to Bengal then the language of Bangladesh is Bangla. In Bangladesh Muslims are ruling. But the language there is not Urdu but it is Bangla. Cloth weaving Muslims in Bangladesh, the bunkars became Bunkar muslims. Bunkars are a sub-caste of Chamars in Scheduled Caste. President of Bangladesh Abdul Rehman Biswas is Scheduled Caste Muslim. Based on linguistics it becomes evident that Muslims are Mulnivasis of India. They are converted from SC, ST, OBC meaning from the perspective of Brahmins Muslims are SC/ST/OBC. If from the perspective of Brahmins Muslims are SC/ST/OBC then in their view they are inferior. Because of this if Brahmins will not treat Muslims with contempt then who else will? Brahmins have not forgotten their history. But Muslims forgot their history. The people who forget their history are not able to create their future. If Muslims are converted SC, ST, OBC people then who are currently SC/ST/OBC people? They are non-converted SC/ST/OBC people. The converted Muslims are SC/ST/OBC people. That means both are mulnivasi people of this country. In this one is converted mulnivasi and another one is non-converted mulnivasi. One is converted Shudra and other one is non-converted Shudra. Amongst which people do riots take place? Riots take place between the converted and non-converted SC/ST/OBC people. When riots takes place between these two then what happens? Next day’s paper headlines appear ‘riots took place between Hindus and Muslims’. SC/ST/OBC who are not converted are told that Muslims are their enemies and SC/ST/OBC people are not aware of the history that Muslims are converted people from SC/ST/OBC. Both are buried in ignorance. And Brahmin takes advantage of this ignorance of both and tells SC/ST/OBC people that Muslim is your enemy. In this manner by filling hatred in the minds of SC/ST/OBC people spreads hatred about Muslims in their hearts and provokes attacks on Muslim localities and in this was attacks take shape of riots. People from peaceful region cross into violent region and propagate that Muslims fired crackers during India-Pakistan cricket match. People of violent region are unaware whether in reality people in peaceful region had set off fire crackers or not. And people of Peaceful region do not tell this to people in their own region because they are scared that they may be caught. Similarly people of violent region begin rioting without cross checking and investigations. When the riots begin it spreads to entire city. Why does it happen this way? This is because Muslims and SC/ST/OBC people does not have contacts and communications amongst themselves. There is no exchange of thoughts amongst themselves. That’s why both of them are not able to understand as to what man in front is thinking. If both of them had to establish contacts with each other, if they had to communicate with each other then they would have developed understanding amongst themselves and would have known each others' thinking. Meaning with this deficiency of trust would have ended. If deficiency of trust ends then it would not be possible for Brahmins to create fights amongst these two. Riots always take place between converted mulnivasis and non-converted mulnivasis. And it is printed in the next days’ newspaper that riots broke out between Hindus and Muslims. Why do newspapers publish this way? It is because the owner of the newspaper is Bania and editor is a Brahmin.

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