Monday 20 August 2012

Part 10: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

BJP-Congress combined into conspiracy

What is special is that the riots that take place in India do not take place with the intention of riots. There is politics behind it. Minority Brahmin wish to become majority and riots are easiest way of becoming majority. Without implementing riots minority Brahmins cannot become majority.  It is BJP strategies that if minority Brahmins have to be transformed into majority then carry on riots. And Congress strategy is that if riots are allowed to unfold then fear will sink in the hearts to Muslims. Most of the leaders of BJP and Congress are Brahmins. Congress is a Party of Brahmins and BJP also is a party of Brahmins. Both are working in coordination. Sonia tells Atal to scratch her back and Atal tells Sonia to scratch his back. This is a program of mutual understanding. BJP want to transform minority Brahmins into majority and that’s why organizes riots. And when the riots takes place the work of Congress people is just to look unfolding of riots. After 2-4 people are killed in the riots police are given directions as to arrest this one, take that one into custody. Meeting is called of peace committee; meeting is called of surveillance committee. After this everything is peaceful but problem continues. This has been happening till date. It is a strategy of Congress that riots are allowed to occur, because if riots do not take place then feelings of fear will not be created in the hearts of Muslim. And if fear is not inculcated in the hearts of Muslims then they will not vote for Congress Party alert yet unopposed. Congress says we will not look after welfare of Muslims. And in spite of Congress not looking after their welfare Muslims must vote for Congress, this is a thinking of Congress.

Once one professor met me in BAMCEF office in Delhi, he started telling me that BJP is stone and Congress is burn-brick. Then I asked from outside stone and burn-brick and said to the professor ‘If I hit the stone or burn-brick on your head then what will happen?’ Professor replied ‘if you do this then my head will break’. If either stone or burn-brick causes injury to the head then how can you say that BJP is stone and Congress is brick-brick? I explained that honorable professor that is a combined conspiracy. There is mutual understanding amongst both the parties. If BJP and Congress do not work in combination then they will never become ruling parties. In 2004 Lok Sabha elections Congress got 143 seats and BJP got 133 seats. When Congress rules BJP is in opposition and when BJP rules Congress is in opposition. Without internal understanding this is not possible. That’s why when riots take place in India they take place because of this combination because creating riots is not an objective by itself. But behind the creation of riots there is an objective to transform minority Brahmin into majority. This is a part of double strategy in which Congress and BJP are working in combination with each other. And that’s why riots take place in India, riots are administered and this happens continuously.

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