Friday 17 August 2012

Targeting Goa’s slums is a part of bamani conspiracy to hide Bamani infiltration in Communidades

Our (Bamons) goal is accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This prevents them (Mulnivasis) from seeing the changes as they occur

August 11, 2012 issue of ‘The Goan’ carries a centre spread story titled ‘Lords of the Slums’ on pages 16-17. It blames politicians of protecting slums in Vasco, Margao, Cortalim, Dabolim and Mapusa. This weekly paper is published by Fomento Publications. Fomentos also have their interest in destructive mining all over Goa and are even proved to be using explosives illegally on the Hiralal Khodidas mine in Colomba while extracting of ore, tries to convince the readers that people from different parts of India are illegal occupants on the lands that they occupy since 1970 and 1990. The paper claims that 70% of Goa’s land is owned by 223 Communidades and communidades are known as ‘Ganvkaris’, ‘Ganvponn’ that has unique and age-old Collective land ownership pattern. It also claims that Ganvkaris (Communidades) came into existence sui juris and prior to creation of State. They were developed by clearing the jungles and establishing villages, installing their village deity and introducing private laws. It does not tell that this Ganvkaris belonged to Gawdas and Velip tribes in Goa and that Fomentos along with other mining companies like Salgaoncars, Chowgules, Dempos, Sesa Goa, Vedanta, Damodar Mangalji are involved in causing irreversible damage to their habitats with their mining plunder of Goa. It does not disclose that Bamons who have infiltrated on communidades are invaders from Eurasia and they need to be shown the door.

The weekly paper claims, quoting government data that all together there are 2,515 illegal constructions on Communidade lands in Goa. Further ‘The Goan’ is trying to provoke bulldozing of these ‘illegal’ constructions, this time by quoting Indian Supreme Court judgment in Civil Appeal No. 1132/2011 @ SLP © No. 3109/ 2011 pertaining to unauthorized occupants of Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat lands. It is pertinent to note that office bearers and activists like Nelson Azavedo and Luis de Sousa of Communidade movement have been repeatedly challenging the legitimacy of imposing Panchayats rule in Goa in their various presentations at Goa University and other places in Goa, and even in Court case at Goa Bench of Bombay High Court. If Communidades agree that their land belongs to Panchayats then they will be negating all that they have been saying publicly since 1997. ‘The Goan’ advocates that Communidade lands be declared as Panchayat lands. It swims against the tide of Communidade Movement in Goa.

The reason for this advocacy is understandable for it is well known fact that this weekly paper is playing the PRO role for BJP variety of Brahminism and even before this paper was launched its editor played this role as an editor of ‘OHeraldo’. For Bharat Mukti Morcha it makes no difference whether it is BJP variety of Brahmanism or Congress variety of Brahmanism for we are committed to uproot all varieties of Brahmanism. Every Brahmanism supports Capitalism in India. It is important to keep in mind that Bamons have long term interest in taking over Communidade lands in Goa, ‘rationalizing’ them and the plans to this effect are already declared in ‘Goa 2035: vision and road map’. This is a vision of Bamons, by Bamons and subscribers of Bramanism, for Bamons. Mulnivasis has nothing in it not even mention is made of existence of ST, SC, OBC people. For Bamons we are all erased and no longer exists today and also in 2035.

‘The  Goan’ deliberately did not explain reasons behind the emergence of slums not only in Goa’s Communidade lands but all over the country. It did not explain that it is the policies of Brahmanism ushered in on 15 August 1947 onwards that are responsible for the skyrocketing poverty in India. People living below poverty line were pegged at around 12 crore in 1947. This number has witnessed sharp increase and touched 83 crore whose daily income varies from Rs. 5/- to Rs. 20/-. This is an official government of India data as per Arjun Sengupta committee report. And there are no Brahmins living in slums, no Brahmins living below poverty line; for they are the rulers of this country and that’s why all the aboriginal people of India – ST, SC, OBC and those converted from these categories are the once who are forced to live in poverty due to the well engineered policies by the State for the past 65 years that witnessed Bamani rule of Congress and BJP for long period of time.

Why then ‘The Goan’ only targets these 2,515 houses? It is due to Bamon’s very own ways of achieving the targets of decimating mulnviasis ‘Our (Bamons) goal is accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves (Bamons). This prevents them (Mulnivasis) from seeing the changes as they occur’. If all the mulnivasis are to get targeted then it would be too difficult to handle the backlash. Bamons have experience in this for many thousands of years. Any case we have witnessed the pattern of attack here in the past two weeks; first issue dated 28 July 2012 Mulnivasi South Goa Taxi owners as Gangs and Mafia, then second issue dated 4 August 2012 targeted Mulnivasi Muslims of Goa as harbingers of Terrorists, and now this is a third target: Mulnivasis in Communidades and mulnivasis living in slums. In none of the targets Bamon is sought to be victimized but only the Mulnivasis are its targets sometime they are Christians, sometimes they are Muslims, and latest all category of mulnivasis SC, ST, OBC and converted minorities staying in slum areas.

The right to vote of the mulnivasis staying in slum areas is also the target of ‘The Goan’. The article seeks to convey that because the mulnivasis have votes that they are getting protection of politicians. It does not write that it was Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar who gave them vote and not the manusmriti. Manusmriti effectively denied any rights to all the mulnivasis and had turned all of us Shudras, Adivasis and Untouchables into slaves. ‘The Goan’ has not mustered courage to attack Dr.Ambedkar for giving votes to these slum dwellers, but surely it wants them to be disenfranchised.  Slums, legal as well as illegal are the creation of Bamani rule over India and they will go away only when Bamani rule is destroyed and reduced to the ashes. Individually targeting few thousand houses in Goa’s slums is a part of bamani conspiracy to hide Bamani infiltration and takeover of Communidades in Goa.

'The Goan' will never publish as to how Bamons have systematically infiltrated into the management of communidades in Goa and taken them over. It will never do the survey of all the 223 communidades and investigate as to how Bamons entered their names into Communidade records as share holders. For it stands to protect Bamons as this weekly - like so many other print and electronic media in Goa - is owned and edited by Bamons; for it is self destructive job for bamons in India and that’s why they will never do it nor have they ever done.

Let’s take the case of Colomba Communidade. Eurasian Bamons have completely taken over this communidade and all the tribal people have been left out of the communidade affairs. The names of tribal people like Rama Velip has been erased from the records of the Communidades and all the bamons have hijacked it. One Bamon Dilip Prabhugaonkar transferred 31 hectares of Commundade land as his private property during 1972 land survey (that is the biggest land scam in Goa so far that allowed Eurasian Bamons to be legal owners of lands of mulnivasi people who were deprived of education and hence were ignorant of what was going on in the legal matters). These 31 hectares of land was classified Forest land. Prabhugaonkar converted this land in nexus with the State authorities into rice field when there was no rice field there at all. After this conversion this land was sold to Fomento mining company. This land today is used and abused by Fomento the boss of ‘The Goan’, yet it will not publish this in its weekly. The other Eurasian Bamons besides said Dilip Prabhugaonkar that are involved in capture of Colomba communidade includes Avaduth Prabhudesai, Venkatesh Prabhudesai and Anil Prabhugaonkar. Two weeks ago on 29 July 2012 Eurasian Bamon from Margao Advocate Uday Bhemre, ex-MLA and culprit of engineering Bamani language as Goa’s official language publicly declared in Margao Court premises that Bamons have grabbed lands of tribal people of Goa. Of course he said this with the intention of pacifying tribal people of Goa that are involved in commanding State to declare Tribal Area under 5th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. He was silent on as to Bamons will return these lands back to tribal people of Goa.

The story of Bamons infiltrating inside the Communidades that were originally known as ‘Gaunkaris’ and ‘Ganvponn’ is widely spread out to various Communidades in Goa. Its spread is cancerous and requires very serious treatment. The example of Colomba communidade is cited only as a sample of Brahmanism that has eluded focus even of the people involved in defence of Communidades. There is a need to investigate as to why this aspect of communnidades remained without investigation by the movement in defence of Communidades headed by Adv. Andre Pereira who hails from OBC community in Marmagoa taluka.

What 'the Goan' has done is that it has focused on the Slums with the intention of making the Bamon grip over Communidades even stronger. Yet Bamons cannot fool all the people all the time. Especially it cannot fool Bharat Mukti Morcha that is committed to destroy Bamon rule in the country sooner than later.

Bharat Mukti Morcha stands in defence of Communidades of Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha considers Bamons as number one enemy of communidades not only for having infiltrated inside Communidades and conspiring to throw Goa’s mulnivasi Shudra people out of communidade managements but also for creating the problem of slums all over India by way of Bamon rule in the entire country for the past 65 years that has pushed mulnivasis people to settle on Communidade lands.

The ultimate objective of this article in ‘The Goan’ is to trigger violence against Mulnivasi people from Goa and Mulnivasi people from other parts of India. This weekly has already indulged in ideological violence against mulnivasi people living in slums. The authors and architects of this seeds of violence are Bamons. Bharat Mukti Morcha is committed not only to resist Bamani violence but to overthrow the Bamani domination in every field of life. The problems of Communidades and problems of mulnivasi slum dwellers have common origin - the Bamon. It is in the selfish interest of perpetuation of Bamon rule that they are trying their level best to trigger a riot against slum dwellers in Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha will expose Bamon conspiracy at every stage; destroy Bamon plans to convert Goa into play ground for Bamons by putting one group of Mulnivasi people against another group of Mulnivasis.

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