Thursday, 9 August 2012

Part 4: Creation of fear amongst Muslims and to multiply it is the biggest act of communalism

Waman Mehsram, National President, Bharat Mukit Morcha, speech delivered in 2002

If all the Muslims are to be gathered in Samajwadi Party then it is necessary to promote BJP because if Congress survives then Muslims may go along with Congress party. Mulayam did not take long to understand this that if Congress is finished and BJP is promoted then naturally Muslims will come under the leadership of Mulayam Singh. When they come under the leadership of Mulayam then permanently Mulayam will be able to stay in Power in Uttar Pradesh. In the beginning Mulayam allows BJP to grow. And as soon as BJP grew sense of insecurity increases amongst Muslims. At time juncture Mulayam assures Muslims that he will protect their life and property. Mulayam latched on to Muslim from the point Congress had left them, but the policy of Congress is such that it is controlled by topmost Brahmins in our country’s Brahmanical structure, while Mulayam’s party control is in the hands of Mulayam, and Mulayam is backward in backward in the Varna system, a Shudra. He is Shudra and why do he want to use Muslims? He wants to use them because he is Brahmanist. What is the need to create fear amongst Muslims? This is because backward class people get very upset and sad with Brahmanist man from backward classes. In Uttar Pradesh OBC people are most sad with Mulayam Singh. Precisely because of this sadness BJP has largest number of OBC in the Party. In Mulayam Singh’s politics oppression of most backward classes is within party policy and that’s why these people are angry with Mulayam. And because they are angry they do not vote for Mulayam. Mulayam’s chair will come in danger. Whatever amount of votes Mulayam lost due to his Brahmanical politics he will try to fill it up by creating fear amongst Muslims and he had done it.

This view is created and it has one source: under no circumstances the oppressing role must be sacrificed. The role that is played by upper caste people in Brahmanical system is played by influential community amongst backwards classes, jati amongst backwards that is dominating plays this role then this is very dangerous situation. I am telling you the reality of today’s context. If Brahmins create fear amongst Muslims then it is understandable but if backward class people takes up to creating fear amongst Muslims then new trend will be developed for tomorrow.  There is one more serious pointer: if higher jati people, dominating community amongst Backwards create fear amongst Muslims then it is one thing but if those upper castes settled amongst Muslims (Maulana) create fear amongst Muslims then what does one do? It is important to understand communalism in this context. Maulana that is convert from Brahmins and Rajputs or those calling themselves of Khalis blood who were foreign Muslims who came to India with the Kings, possibly this king of people are protecting Brahmins.

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